Network Assessment Tool
We want to make sure that your connection will let you get the best out of our service. As we don’t supply your Internet connection, we need your help to check that it meets the minimum requirements for our service.
Connect to the network that you plan to use for our service. This should be a wired connection.
Click the link below to download the testing app.
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Enter the number of simultaneous calls you expect to make below.
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Please enter a value between 1 and 200 for simulated calls.
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This test is expected to take about 3 minutes depending on your connection, you can do other things while it is running.
This test will give you a Session ID and an Upload speed, please keep a note of this.
What is a VoIP test?
This test simulates VoIP calls between your computer and our service. It provides an estimate of the voice quality to expect when using our service.
What is a Capacity test?
This test attempts to determine the maximum number of simultaneous calls that this connection can support. It's really important that you tell us the maximum number of calls you expect to make at any one time as this directly impacts the test results.
Network Assessment Tool

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